Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tour de Richmond

Is it too old fashion for me to think life can be beautiful with love and excitement?  As I was walking today, I saw something and I couldn't help but grin.  I watched a very determined old lady riding her bicycle up a hill at the pace of a tortoise, with her matching helmet and bell.  She was much unlike her fellow riders in the downtown area of Richmond, who sometimes travel much faster than cars driving on the road.   Here she was, oblivious to the outside faces watching her, smiling as she pedaled along.  I believe she was enjoying what she was doing and doing what she loved to do.  I felt inspired by her passion.  I've heard from my aunt, who is a physical therapist, many stories about how many elderly people (probably much younger than our friend the bike lady) live a life of "No, I can't" and "There is no way."  I'm sure there could be medical reasons why they think this way, or is it just a lack of passion?

As Emily and I are getting ready for our daughter to come into this world, I have been forced to think about what characteristics I want to bestow upon our children.  Is it a taste for finer thing in life? Impeccable style?  A love for other people?  All of these things are great, but the one that I wish most of all to bestow is passion.  Passion is the life blood that keeps us going, keeps us motivated.  Passion is what makes dreams come true.  Passion is the shield that protects you from negativity, and the "I can't" turns into the "I will."  Failure does not seem as failure, but a new and inspiring challenge to take the next opportunity to readjust and come out on top.  Passion ever moves us forward to the future and our goals.

Bless this old woman for her strength as she pedaled slowly up the hill, looking a bid ridiculous.  I'm sure it wasn't the easiest thing for her to do this morning, but she had the ability to push through it.  But above all, she was enjoying herself, regardless of what others thought she should be doing or what is proper for a woman of her age.  I'm grateful for my own passion which has taken me and sustained me through the hard times, and has never wavered.  I'm grateful to the readers who have been reading our blog, House of Brockman.  I hope you understand that your support is doing more than adding page views to our blog, but it is truly inspiring us to continue on building up our lives.  I hope you can share with us your lives as well.

Thank you,
The Brockmans


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