Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Things Emily Can't Live Without

Well, the world is supposed to end  in just a few short weeks, and I figured a list of things I couldn't live without was a bit ironic since, according to the Mayans, I will be living without them on the 21st of December and forever after that.  In case I don't make it through the destruction of the world, I want everyone to know the things that make me the most happy in my life:

1.  My Crappy Cell Phone
I don't have a smart phone and I probably won't for a while.  But I'm attached to my "stupid" phone, even though it's scratched up and doesn't have all the bells and whistles that modern day phones have.  But on the other hand, it does have a slide out FULL keyboard and touch screen capabilities!

2.  Burt's Bees Chapstick
I have super dry skin!  I was born and raised in the humidity of Virginia, but my skin doesn't know that.  You would think I lived in Death Valley by the look of my scaly skin.  Naturally, my lips get super dry too - especially in the winter.  Peppermint Burt's Bees is the best!!  It instantly moisturizes your lips and I love the cool tingly peppermint it leaves.  As a bonus, the peppermint smell masks bad breath just a little, when a mint or gum is unavailable.

3.  Brown/Black Mascara
I have yet to find that perfect tube of mascara.  All I know is, if I don't wear mascara I look completely dead!  My eyelashes are such a light color, if I don't darken them up they look nonexistent.  I used to love the Sonia Kashuk line of mascara from Target - but recently I feel they have changed their formula.  Now it's really thick and gets clumpy very easily.  I've tried Avon and Mary Kay and both are OK - but not terrific.  I've also tried just about every brand Target and Wal-Mart carry.  If anyone could tell me what the perfect mascara is, I would greatly appreciate it!

4.  Pumps and High Heels
The greatest of man's creations!  Heels fix everything!!  They make your outfit look ten times better, they give you better posture (which in turn flatters your figure), they give you more confidence, make your legs and butt look terrific, add a few inches to your height, and they are just so pretty.  Invest girls - you're not complete without them.

5.  Chick-fil-A
Chris grew up in California - which is why he can't live without Mexican food.  I grew up in the south and everyone down here knows the best fried chicken sandwich belongs to Chick-fil-A!  The sandwich is best enjoyed with Chick-fil-A sauce (a delicious combination of honey mustard and barbeque).  I even worked at Chick-fil-A off and on throughout college - mostly just to eat the free chicken they provided their employees!  I was deprived of my fried chicken when I was at school in Idaho - and it was terrible!!  Every time I flew home I would try to get a layover in Atlanta because there is a Chick-fil-A in the airport and I know exactly where it is.

6.  Dairy Products (milk, and cheese especially)
When I read Chris my list he said, "Yeah, it sounds like your pregnant."  But the thing is, I've always loved dairy products and I'm so thankful I'm not lactose intolerant, or I might die.  My grocery list in college normally looked like this:
- bread
- milk
- sliced cheese
- shredded cheese
- yogurt
- string cheese
There were a few other things of course, but this was the gist of it.  Yogurt was for breakfast, bread and sliced cheese was grilled cheese for lunch, shredded cheese was to add to a salad, soup, mashed potatoes, etc. and string cheese was the perfect snack.  Like I said, I would die if I were lactose intolerant.

7.  Netflix
The best go-to for boredom, or if you are in a movie mood and don't know what to watch.  I love just browsing the movies and laughing at all the terrible movies that should never have been made.  There are many great classics, and TV shows as well.  Careful not to get addicted!

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