Monday, December 17, 2012

No More Silent Nights

There is something about the holidays that make people feel a little home sick.  I think there are two definitions to this phrase: one - to miss being home, and being excited to see loved ones that you haven't seen for a while; two -  you're just sick knowing that coming home means a tidal wave of drama is about to unfold.  During our traditional Christmas dinner, from Grandma's stuffing, to your great aunt's Jell-o surprise, or whatever you call that thing, make sure it doesn't end up being a "silent night."  This idea can help you make it a holy night of fun!  This simple idea can make your Christmas Dinner be filled with more laughter and less family drama.

Catch my Phrase
Let's play a game, shall we?  All that's needed is:
- small pieces of paper (one for each guest playing)
- 1 pen or pencil
- a little imagination
This easy game is good for ages 10+. 
  • The host or hostess writes two different phrases on each piece of paper before the guests arrive. Be sure that none of the phrases are the same.  Also, make the phrases fairly common, and not too difficult, for example:
    • Can you feel the love tonight?
    • Virginia is for lovers
  • Place the pieces of paper with the two phrases written on them under each plate.
  • As you're about to start the meal instruct the guests to look under their plates, and read their cards.  Make sure they keep it a secret. 
  • Explain they are to somehow work their two phrases into the dinner conversation.
  • The object of the game is not to get caught using your phrase, while the other guests are trying to catch you in the act. 
  • If you get caught using both phrases, you're out.
This game is a great way to keep conversations going, and helps to avoid drama.  Now you and your in-laws can all sleep in heavenly peace.

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