Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holy Deal

Here is a little game for our readers:

Why is the number 7,756 significant for me in the month of November?
A. It is the amount of money we made.
B. It is the number of hits we've had on the House of Brockman.
C. It is the number of cell phone minutes I used.
D. It is the amount of our credit card bill.

They say that your home should be your refuge from the world, almost like a heaven here on earth.  Something I have always wanted in our home to make it feel a little more holy were a few old church pews.  For years I have wanted some.  I was able to find some pews here and there, but the prices were more like the devil than angelic.  You would be surprised how much these old church pews are in demand considering the hours we've spent sitting on those hard, uncomfortable seats feeling the love of God with a pain in our butts.  As a child these long benches were more than just seats.  They were a suitable place to play hide and seek, a desk, a racetrack, a jungle gym, and even a bed.  So, what better reason to have them in our homes?  The only problem is, they are huge!!


By the way, the answer to the question is C.  Last month I made a personal record of the amount of minutes I used talking on my cell phone.  The minute usage came to a grand total of 7,756 minutes!  Emily and I figured out that equals to a little over five days of straight talking.  If any of you know me personally, you know I'm a talker.  I just love to talk all day - every day.  And I can always find someone to talk to or something to talk about.  This talent has come in very handy many times.  As I make my usual rounds to my favorite thrift stores, I'm usually greeted by a "Well hello!" or a "Hey Chris!"  Two ladies who work in one of the thrift stores I frequently go to, have gotten to know me.  They always joke with me, asking me when I'm going to find them husbands, since Emily and I do weddings.  They joke one wants true love while the other just wants a man with money.  Everywhere I go, I make sure to leave an impression and build friendships with employees of my favorite shops.  From the very start, when I moved to Virginia, I made friends with the employees of  the local Goodwill.  I somehow convinced one of the workers to call me when they got in anything good.  I have found when you become their friend, you are no longer just a regular customer.  You're now a friend who they're willing to help out just a little bit more.

About two weeks ago as I was coming home from work, I decided to go to one of our favorite thrift stores - Fantastic Thrift. I walked in and there they were - lined up like hot dogs in a package.  The pews I have always wanted!  I counted six old church pews that were ten feet long.  I wanted one so badly, but how was I going to get a ten foot long pew home in our little car?  As I sat on a pew like a sinner in church praying for divine guidance,  my fellow shoppers moved all around me oblivious to my thrift store chapel.  Then, it hit me!  I could sell them!!  I had the number of the owner of my favorite antique store - Class and Trash.  The price the thrift store had on the pews were $150 for all six.  I let the owner of Class and Trash know what was going on and I knew it would be a great deal for him since they could sell one pew for almost $150.   The deal was, I would buy the six pews from the thrift store and sell him five of them for $150.  Since I found this great deal I told him I needed him to drop the sixth one off at my house - fixing my problem of getting this spiritual beast home. The deal was made and prayers were answered, all because of my big mouth and the friendships I have made.  I finally got what I wanted - a free church pew that was also moved for free. So I guess the 7,756 minutes wasn't wasted time at all.  But thanks Sprint for counting!


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