Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby Spice

I've heard that girls are made with sugar and spice and everything nice.  Well, here's hope that our daughter will be just that.  If she's anything like my niece, Gracie, she will have a little more to her than sweets.  I believe it's what you would call "sass." 

It's been pretty difficult trying to decorate the nursery for Little B.  Everything that we found looked like a Care Bear threw-up all over it!  Nothing but rainbows and butterflies.  It felt like we were in a staring contest with a drug induced Care Bear.  We went to store after store and there was nothing but bright colors surrounding purple bunnies, and pink flowers with happy faces.  The only way we would allow anything close to that is if we found bedding of a cat riding a unicorn with a whip. "Keeeyaaah!"

When we first started brainstorming about the nursery, this is what we knew we wanted in it:

  •  Portrait of Audrey Hepburn
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Soft blue wing back chairs
  • Soft pink

  • Now we have the room finished and this is how it rings up:

    • Audry Hepburn painting - found at our favorite local art gallery - Ross! $20
    • Crystal Chandelier - a great find at Class and Trash. Only $65 .  We had to buy new light covers and we added the lamp shades for an additional $45.
    • Crib - a Craig's List find. $135 
    • Mommy and Daddy blue velvet wing back chairs - they were waiting for us at the local thrift store - Fantastic Thrift. $35 each, totalling $70 (We lucked out - all they needed was a good cleaning.)
    • Rug - from Garden Ridge. $50
    • Credenza - I had for years and used as a dresser. $40  
    • Pink lamps - go to 50 Shades of Lamp $10 
    • Ottoman - another Class and Trash find. $20
    • Throw pillows - on sale at Target.  $15 
    • 6 mirrors - $5 a piece at Target. Total $30
    • Drapes in a soft faux silk from Target.  $24 each.  Total $48
    • Bedding: bumper, crib skirt, and sheets - from Bye Bye Baby.  $65
    • Paint  - Valspar Ice Rink Blue from Lowe's.  $25
    • Total price - $638
    When we got the nursery finished and added up our total price, we realized $638 could be the cost of only the bedding and the crib for many parents.  Most nurseries aren't sporting a crystal chandelier, or velvet wing back chairs for their newborns.  But here at the House of Brockman we enjoyed spicing up Little B's room to ensure she too will have the stylish gene.

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