Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Battle of the Sexes

Ever since we were children there's been a fascination with segregating girls against boys.  Boys were gross, and girls had cooties - whatever those were.  Each side was willing to rumble, showing off who truly was the best.  We were even taught silly rhymes to make sure we drove our points home. 

"Girls take a shower to get more power; boys take a bath to get more math!"

"Boys go to Mars to get more candy bars; girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider!" 

"Girls rule and boys drool!"

These rhymes were supposedly strong enough evidence to prove our case that one gender was more superior than the other.  Even as the years pass, we seem to still have the same issues.  Maybe it was just ingrained in our heads so much when we were little we can't get over it.  We still have to same issue, but things have changed a little.  Girls, of course, have dropped their cooties, games like "Battle of the Sexes" have been created, and, well let's face it, boys are still gross, but we've gotten over it. 

Now, any devoted reader of House of Brockman knows that I will be able to tie this into something having to do with furniture.  So, I now declare - we shall have "Battle of the Sexes" when it comes to furniture! Sometime within everyone's life, we have found ourselves in a house, apartment, or at least a childhood bedroom belonging to someone of the opposite sex.  Besides the obvious color selection of a room, there are certain pieces of furniture that can make a room feel more masculine or feminine. Here are a few rooms and peices you try to decide what feel more masculine or feminine: