Thursday, January 17, 2013

The 20 Dollar Fix

What's in a list?  For a list called by any other name, shall they not be as helpful?  Let's list up your life, shall we?  Since we have started our blog, I have found myself constantly looking for inspiration. I've started noticing things I didn't notice before, and frankly, didn't seem to care much about.  I have been forced to take a quest into myself to try and explain my design secerts. So, as I walked into the house today, after a very long and wet day at work, I was struck with a wave of inspiration.  A LIST!

6 Ways to Instantly Spruce up a Room with less than $20

1. Throw Pillows: So easy!  My favorite places to find pillows seem to be Ross and Target.  But there is nothing like a custom made down pillow you make yourself.  Use this small pillow to make an old couch less tired or to finish a freshly made bed.

2. Sented Candles:  Just because your room looks like crap doesn't mean it has to smell like crap too.  So, light up and scare away the funk!

3. Fresh Flowers:  Is it sad that I think I love fresh flowers more that Emily loves fresh flowers? My personal favorites are white roses, hydrangeas, and peonies.  Unfortunately, Emily can see right through my smoke sceen.  I can never come home with flowers in hand and claim they are for her because she know the truth.

4. Art:  Look through those old family pictures, select a few to blow up to 8x10, find a frame with a mat, and BAM! Art!

5. Paint Something:  You can find most paint for under $20.  Paint that old coffee table, or even your walls which your darling children decided to decorate for you with makers.  Paint is the one of the easiest ways to breath new life into any room.  Chech out 50 Shades of Lamp

 6. Decluter:  Bills that are stacked on your desk, to many nick-nacks, and magazines that have been on your coffee table for years all need to go, or at least put up.  Look at it this way, your room will look better, and you're not burning any money - just carbs!

Is there anything better than a good list?  Please share with us some of your design finds under $20!!

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  1. This week at Michaels they are having 80% off christmas stuff and a whole slew of other things. I was able to get 12 Candles for $33 and each candle was between $1.40 and $2.30. With the original prices being $8.99 -$13.99! I was pumped. IF your in fayetteville, nc I cleared the shelf. First come first serve...