Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black to the Future

Welcome to 2013!  Even though we have been here for a month now, it's always a good time to see what's trending with the world.  Apparently, the other Kardashian (Khloe) is pregnant, and why did Selena Gomez break up with the Beibster?  We, on the other hand, have been more interested in what's trending in my favorite thing - home design!
Black is Back
If you ask, me black had never left.  For 2013 it's all about the color black.  There's something that makes black a classic, yet feel so fresh.  Here are some of the House of Brockman top picks to add black into your home.

1. Black Crystal Chandelier
Looks like a classic, but when the crystal's color changes to black, it makes a head turner!  Double take anyone?

2. Paint a Wall Black
We are in love with black walls.  I have to admit, you have to be a bit brave to do this.  In our home, Little Pea Cottage, the whole back wall from our kitchen to the laundry room is all painted black.  Think of it like a diamond placed in front of a black back drop makes it look even more brilliant.

3. Black Accent Chairs
Love, love, love!  An easy way to bring the color black into your room without making a huge change.  Plus, you can easily move it when your done with it.
4. Black and White Family Pictures
Easiest way to add some black, and let's face it, everyone looks better in black and white.

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