Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bonjour Baby

After 39 weeks, three days, one eviction notice, and a dash of Pitocin, we have our daughter, Little B.  Those who know us personally know we have been thinking about two different names.  The only problem was we had to to see what color her hair would be.  I know this may sound a little ridiculous.  We just hoped there wouldn't be the potential problem where she came out as bald as Emily's dad.  Thank goodness, due to lots of prayer and plenty of heartburn she was born with a full head of dark brown hair. We are both grateful that we were able to come up with names that both of us were happy to yell out when our daughter is grounded or to say when we tell her how much we love her.  We have many friends that have under gone "The Battle of the Names" game.  These are the name we decided on:

Paisley Roux Brockman
What a better first name than one of our favorite patterns?  Roux translates from french into Red Hair, which is why we had to wait until we saw if she had red hair.  I have to admit, her name sounds  like a paint color.  "I just painted my dinning room in Paisley Roux!"  That's right Benjamin Moore, eat your heart out!

Elle Clairette Brockman
People have asked us why we wanted to name her Elle.  Our answer? "Because Vogue would be a stupid name for a child, of course!"  Clairette means bright, famous, and rare.  Our little girl would definitely fit that description.  It proved to be very difficult finding a middle name for Elle because every one we tried seemed to sound Spanish.  Elle Rose, Elle Sienna.  I have eaten at both of those Mexican restaurants in California.

Both Emily are I are so blessed to have little Elle in our lives, even though we didn't get the tax breaks for 2012. I'm so grateful to have finally have our daughter. True to form of what we thought, Elle was a little difficult. After about two weeks of failed attempts to induce the baby on our own, she just wasn't coming. We spent hour after hour in the hospital with very little progress. Our baby never dropped low enough and Emily had to under go a C-section. As I looked around the OR, feeling like I was on the set of Grey's Anatomy, waiting to hear her cry for the first time, I looked over at Emily and whispered, "Thank you. Are you ready?" With a loud cry from our little girl signaling her first breath, both Emily and I shed a tear. As the nurses were cleaning her up, I could see her brown hair and I heard the nurse say, "she weighs 6lbs. 13oz." What!? The doctor we saw just two days prior said she was almost 8lbs, and that was a big reason as to why she wasn't dropping. Then, realizing who's daughter she was, we figured she didn't want to squish up her pretty face for the pictures. There was no way she was going to squeeze her head through that little hole. There was no problem for her mother to sacrifice just little for Elle to have a good glamour shot. We are excited to she what this little girl has in store for us. I was thinking how amazing it was, what taking a chance and following my heart has brought me in just three and a half years


  1. She's absolutely beautiful! Congrats so happy for you :-)

  2. She's absolutely beautiful! Congrats so happy for you :-)

  3. Congratulations! Amazing what can change in 3.5 years!