Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Night Stands

One morning, I awoke to the sounds of a whimper and the constant jumping of our toy poodle, Bexley, against our bed.  I grudgingly opened my eyes, and the first thing that I saw was my night stand.  Hmmm, I started to think... No, it wasn't how I was going to shut up the dog, but what was interesting to me was what I had on my nightstand.  The truth about me lied only a foot away.  It made sense that if I'm going to spend 1/3 of my life in bed, that the items right next to it must be important.  How is it that we seem to overlook this piece of furniture and its importance?  Here is my question for you: What is on your night stand?

This is what's on mine:
•Our favorite wedding picture in a mirrored frame
•My wallet and cell phone
•Blue Willow tea cup
•My favorite magazines
•Two leather bound reproduction scriptures circa 1830's
•Vase of mossy rocks
•Three and a half foot candle stick

As I was talking to other friends about what was on their night stands, most of them were shocked by how many items they had on their nightstands. I think it tells a little story about who we are.  What does my night stand say about me?  The night stand itself is a french design; two tiered, with a marble top.  Truth be told, Emily and I found it by the dumpster at our old loft, and saw it was much too nice to be thrown away.  The night stand we chose says, I'm traditional in style and I have classic design.  The wedding picture says I'm sentimental and family focused, and the mirrored frame shows that I like a little glamour. My wallet and cell phone means the things I use the most are never out of my sight, and that everything has its place.  I usually like to drink a cup of red reuabus or mint tea out of my blue willow tea cup every night while I read my favorite magazinesThe leather reproduction scriptures show I'm religious and love old things.  I have an obsession for mossy rocks. You can find them at most design stores for a few dollars a piece.  Mine, on the other hand, were bought at the Dollar Tree: 5 rocks for $1. Not too bad! It shows that I'm always looking for a bargain. Last but not least is the over large candle stick, which means that bigger is better.   I love oversized accessories.
Now let’s see what truths lie only a foot away from your bed.


  1. So could we post a picture of our nightstand and you will give us a diagnose?

  2. For sure! Anyone can diagnose their own nightstand. Just think about what each of these items mean to you? and ask yourself why did you choose these items?