Monday, November 19, 2012

50 Shades of Lamp

Oh, you naughty lamp. I hope you feel unloved because you're just so ugly. You need a make over! What do you do with your ugly lamps around your house? You know, those ugly lamps that your mother thought were just so cute and she made you buy them. I have them too, and for some reason my mother always asks where they are when she comes to visit. So instead of beating your lamps, even though they might need it, here is a way to make them work into your home. First, spot the ugly lamps in your home, capture them against their will if necessary. Check out the body of the lamp - look it up and down...the rest is up to your imagination. So, imagine what it could look if it was a different color.

I bought two of these lamps at the local Goodwill for $5.00 a piece. Gorgeous isn't it? Tip: When you're looking for lamps either around your home, or even at the thrift store, look at the shape of them. That's what mostly attracted me to these lamps.

After you have the lamp, select the color spray paint that works best for you. We decided that we were going to put our lamps in our daughter's nursery. We have a bright pink picture of Audry Hepburn above her crib, so we thought the lamp could be a great way to tie the pink into the room.

1. We took off the lamp shades, unscrewed the bulbs, and cleaned the lamp (in case there was any left over dirt or dust on them).
2. Spray the body of the lamp with the spray paint in short even motions.  Just like painting with a paint brush - you want even strokes so you don't have pooling, or the paint ending up looking unevenly spread. 

3. Allow time to dry.  Spray paint dries quickly but, you will want to let your lamp rest for about 15-20 minutes before you pick it up again.

4. Put the lamp back together and admire the finished project.

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  1. Great idea...I've got a few lamps that could use some color!

    Great work on the blog.