Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?"  Take a good look when it comes to mirrors, you may be able to see from a different angle.  If anyone has been to our house, you know that we are obsessed with mirrors.  We have 13 hanging up in our home at the moment.  We love mirrors - especially gold ones!  I don't know what causes this craving I have for mirrors, but as soon as I find one I feel like a crack head.  I kind of made an unofficial rule in my mind for decorating our home - when in doubt, put up a mirror.  I'm sure the Wicked Queen in "Snow White" knows what I mean.  I haven't been able to find one that talks back to me, but if it did, it might say something like, "Buy me!"  Why are mirrors so handy and why do we love them?  The answer is simple.  I think that any size mirror can add a little glamour to any space.  It seems they add square footage,  they pretend to be a window, and just add a magical touch - like living art in your house. Mirrors always remind me of the pictures in "Harry Potter."  Always changing with new people popping up in the frame just to say "Hi."

All the mirrors in our home are different shapes and sizes, and were all different prices.  Not to mention, mirrors can have multiple personalities.  The same mirror surface can look completely different with a different frame.  They are all accessorized differently in our home.

Here are a few different types of mirrors:

Gold leaf/Traditional
The sunburst mirror
Black Beauty
Beveled edge (no frame)

One of my first apartments was in a basement on Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA.  It wasn't ideal with its 7 foot dropped ceiling, absolutely no windows, and concrete floors.  It was about as good looking as a two car garage.  The biggest problem I had with this space was the fact it had no windows.  It was also tiny with no walls.  I used to lovingly call it "The Dungeon."  Mirrors were the antidote for my problem.  Before I knew it, the dungeon felt bigger, less cramped, and all the light was bouncing around from mirror to mirror, making it lighter and friendlier.  If you don't know what kind of art you like, a mirror can fix that.  Put one above your bed, mantle, dinning room table, or even in your kitchen.  Tip: make sure when you put the mirror up, the reflection you will be looking at is one that you want to see.

We've done some research for you and have found some great deals on mirrors:

Bronze Vintage Mirror, Target, Sale - $15.99
Silver Beaded Mirror, Target, Sale - $39.99
Black Oval Bathroom Mirror, Ikea - $39.99
Mirrored Sconce, Bed Bath & Beyond - $14.99
Fleur-De-Lis Mirror, Hobby Lobby - $29.99

Don't forget to check out your local thrift and antique stores as well!!

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