Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Disadvantages of Being a Wall Flower

Sometimes it can seem as far as the eye can see, or even as long as the Great Wall of China.  You know what I'm talking about!  Your hallway.  This long skinny part of your house is like a forgotten love child you just don't talk about or try to avoid being around.  All you do is dart past, hoping they won't notice you.  There is a new movie coming out called "The Perks of Being a Wall Flower."  Well, in this post, I'd like to talk about the disadvantages.  A lot of times when it comes to decorating your hallway it seems like you have the one lonely wall flower picture.  Just sitting there, a little socially awkward, and you just kind of ignore it because you don't know how to deal with it.  Here's how: Bring it some friends and add a grouping of pictures to make it feel more welcome and it can become a party.  The hallway has become one of my favorite parts of our home.  It's my excuse to show off our art collection and pretend that we're in an art gallery.  So, we have decided that part of our house is now called The Gallery formerly know as the hallway.

Here are some tips to help your hallways feel like a part of your home:

Strength in Numbers:
We are always stronger in numbers, and so is your art.  Try putting your artwork into clusters to take up more visual space on your walls.   Before you put them on the wall, put your pictures on the floor and play around with different groupings until you find what looks the best.  When you hang them on the wall start in the middle at eye level so you don't start too high or too low.  Another idea is to create a sort of mosaic effect.  Pick one picture and blow it up.  Cut it into fours and place each section into a different frame.  Hang on the wall about 2-4" apart.  You now have a larger piece of art with a small price.

Big Ego:
I love big pieces of art!  The bigger the better!  I feel even in small spaces, big pieces of art can make the space look larger.  Some great places I have found good, cheap art are Ross and Ikea.  Most are anywhere from $25- $150.  When you buy bigger art, you don't need as many pieces.  Maybe 3 big guys will be all you need; plus, most of the time their egos can't handle too much competition. Here are some of my favorites:

Charlie Chaplin, Ikea - $39.99
Crescendo of Light, Ikea - $149.99
Flatiron Building, Ikea - $149.99

Light Them Up:
If you want to make any of your art look more expensive, light them up.  If you can, invest in art sconces.  You can find them almost anywhere like the Home Depot or Lowes.  When you light up the art, the colors feel richer, and even the art you daughter finger painted for you looks like a Picasso.

Child Labor Laws:
Work those children if you need art!  To all the parents out there - this is a great way to make your kids feel special, and also get those annoying pictures off your fridge.  Invest in a few frames with matt boards and once a month, or so, have your child help pick out a new piece of art they have done to put into the gallery.  Have them save their artwork in a special spot, like a folder or a drawer in their bedroom.  That way, it's always a surprise which piece of art they pick!

TP!  Totally Paper It:
Wall paper!  I know what your thinking...you don't want your home to look like Grandma's house.  But, if you put up a bold printed wall paper, your wall becomes more of the art - so you actually need less art pieces to hang up!


Furniture, Really?
This all depends on the width of your hallway.  If it's wide enough, put in a small console table.  In our gallery we have an old desk I found abandoned on the street that I took home and refinished.  If your hall is too small, your can always use a floating shelf or two.   Mount it to the wall at the height of your belly button.  This is great especially if your hallway is part of your entry way.  Put a tin or a hook on the shelf as a place to put your keys or mail.

For any other art ideas, check out my previous post - Insta-Art

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