Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Free Give-Away!  Congratulations to Chantal who was the ONLY person to guess all five questions correctly!  Here were the correct answers:

1.  While on a trip to New York City, Chris sung a duet with a top Broadway performer.
When Chris was in high school he was in a super awesome choir that was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  While they were there Chris sang a duet with  Jenny Powers who played Meg in "Little Women" on Broadway.

2.  Emily was once attacked by 50 ducks who were after her loaf of bread.

When I was in college I went on a date with a guy in my group of friends.  After stopping by the grocery store for a cheap loaf of Wonder Bread, we walked to what was known as the duck pond.  Many people went there to feed the ducks, but I had never been there before.  We got there and decided to sit on the ground and throw bread to the ducks in the water.  Bad idea.  The ducks swarmed us and it was insane chaos!  There were ducks on my lap, poking me in the back, pecking at my jeans, and taking whole pieces of bread from my hands.  There had to be at least 50 ducks!  Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, it was taken on a very old flip phone when camera phones were super cool to have.

3. Emily and Chris took a sushi making class together and now hate sushi.
Chris and I never took a sushi making class together.  Chris loves sushi and I hate it.  I hate fish and any other kind of seafood.  It just grosses me out and the smell of stinky fish sickens me.  But Chris, being from California, loves him some sushi!

4. Chris once had a telephone pole fall on his head, and it gave him temporary tunnel vision.
Chris and a group of friends were volunteering at an animal shelter where they were doing some yard work.  A telephone pole had fallen down, so like any group of teenage boys, they decided to move it.  To get it out of the way they had to lift it up and over a rather large obstacle.  They all lifted it up, but as it was going over, it slipped and fell right on top of Chris' head.  Like we said, he had tunnel vision, but he also got a concussion, and slight memory loss for a little while. 

5.  Emily had the pleasure of meeting Britney Spears (pre-crazy Britney) backstage at a concert.
The truth is, I hate Britney Spears and I always have.  At my 12th birthday party one of my friends got me the "Oops I Did it Again" album.  I listened to it when my friends would come over, or I would take it to my friend's houses to listen to.  I wanted them to think I was cool because I had a Britney CD.  But truth be told, I've never liked her voice and she's always annoyed me.  So, sorry all my friends from back in Elementary School and Middle School.  I lied.  I've never liked Britney Spears.

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  1. What?! That's crazy I guess correctly! Wow! I wish I was this good at guessing the answers on tests at school. Thanks guys!! :)