Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Free? Really?

If the the best things in life are free why have I spent so much money?  Our house wasn't free, our wedding wasn't free, and believe me, having our daughter was nowhere near the amount of $0.00!  The saying should go, "The best things in life aren't free, so there are mortgages and debt for me."

Enough of the unglamorous part of life. The House of Brockman is doing it's very first free give away! Let's see what the prizes are (where is Bob Barker when you need him?):

To the lucky first place winner, you will receive a custom design board and layout for a room of your choice.

To the second place winner, you will receive a custom black and white framed cameo silhouette

Last but not least, winner number three will receive a new mirror!

You don't think you get all this for free now?  All those who answer the five True or False questions about Emily and I correctly will be put into a raffle.  The first name we pick is first prize winner, and so forth.  We will be contacting you to see what your glamorous prize is.  Good Luck!
1.  While on a trip to New York City, Chris sung a duet with a top Broadway performer.
True or False?

2.  Emily was once attacked by 50 ducks who were after her loaf of bread.
True or False?

3.  Emily and Chris took a sushi making class together and now hate sushi.
True of False

4.  Chris once had a telephone pole fall on his head, and it gave him temporary tunnel vision.
True of False?

5.  Emily had the pleasure of meeting Brittney Spears (pre-crazy Brittney) backstage at a concert. True or False?

Your answers must be submitted by Tuesday Feb. 26, by 12:00 midnight, either by email or as a comment in order to qualify for the prizes!


  1. 1. True
    2. True
    3. False
    4. True
    5. False

  2. 1. True 2. True 3. False 4. False 5 False (I'm sad I actually don't know all of this for sure....)

  3. True, true, false, false, false