Tuesday, March 19, 2013

House of Brockman the Soap Opera

We all know good new spreds quickly, but what travels even faster, is gossip.  There is nothing better, and more enjoyable than a scandle shared between friends, or enemies.  Believe me, I have plenty of dirt.  From unfaithful husbands, to daughters who just can't say no, to mothers with drinking problems.  All I can say is these are the "Days of Our Lives."  Wouldn't life be more exciting if it were more like a soap oprea?  The opportunity for endless drama and being blindly unaware we are the causes for our own unfortunate issues.  Even better, what if your life were like a spanish soap opera filled with passion, and pinatas?!  As the music soars, we are caught in a passionate moment that ends just as quickly with the discovery that our enemy has just come back from the dead for a third time.  What would "The House of Brockman, The Soap Opera" be like?

This week on House of Brockman:

Phone rings.Emily: Hello? Hello?  Is any one there?
Emily hangs up the phone; phone rings agian.
Emily: Hello?  Who is this?  Is any one there?
Hangs up the phone.  A loud knock sounds at the door, and a baby starts to cry.  Emily, starteled walks to the door.
Emily: Who is it?
Chris: Babe, let me in. I left my key!
Emily : You scared me!
Chris:  Sorry.
Chris gives Emily a quick kiss.
Emily: Did you just call here?  Because some one called twice a few minets ago, but no one said anything.
Chris:  No,  I was on my way home.
Phone rings agian.
Emily: You answer it.
Chris: Hello?
White noise.
Chris: Who is this?  Hello?  Stop calling here! Leave my family alone!
Chris hangs up the phone.  Phone rings agian.
Chris: [yelling into the phone] Stop calling us!
Voice on the phone: I'm coming for her..
Phone hangs up.  Ominous music soars.  Chris and Emily look at the baby.

To be continued....

Ok, so maybe that's a little more dramatic than what our life is really like, but what are soap operas for anyway?  They're for a good piece of drama and gossip.  But in our real lives the word on the street, particularly Cary Street, is that House of Brockman will offically have an office to continue in building the House of Brockman name.  Our first Interior Design office!  We are going to be located inside Urban Interiors at 3422 W Cary St. Richmond, VA.  We will be providing our clients with an array of design services for any budget.  We will be working by appointment only.  We are very excited to continue to expand the House of Brockman.

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