Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Time to Get to Work

To anyone who seems to find themselves in less than undesirable living standards, with the desire to have more, and with the inevitable problem that everyone faces, aka - money - I know your pain.  I had found myself in my new bedroom - or dining room - whichever you prefer, and with roommates who didn't realize that they lived worse than some homeless people.  Even a homeless man knows when to clean his shopping cart out once in a while.  I was standing at a crossroads and my choices were to take the path that lead me to stay in those circumstances, or to take the path that would lead me to upgrade and shoot for more.  I hope that this blog serves as a road map guiding you to upgrading and enjoying your circumstances more fully.  The purpose of this blog is to share with you truly what The House of Brockman is, and how we were able to build up from a dining room bedroom and lawn chairs to antiques, chandeliers, and four poster beds, without braking the bank. 

I feel that God has consistently blessed me with two things in my life: good parking spots, and finding good deals.  I will be sharing these deals with you on a weekly segment called "Once Upon a Deal."  This segment will take you through the story of buying a piece of furniture, how to refinish it, and ultimately using it in your home.  Another purpose of this blog is to share with you tricks of the trade for planning different events from parties to weddings.  Thrown into the mix will be posts on home design, trends, and of course - renovating our 112 year old row house, which we have named Little Pea Cottage.  And because all of these things are so wrapped up into our lives, you will be hearing all about us and how our family is growing. 


  1. I always have good intentions in my head on how I would love my house to look. I never seem to have good exacution or find anything that is not going to bust my budget. I love your taste Chris and would love to learn more on how to translate what my taste really is into my house. Keep in mind I live in Casper, WY so I don't have a ton of options and would like to learn how I can take advantage of living in a small town. I love this blog and am excited to learn more. Kim :)

  2. I am along for the ride. Your blog has so much charm and personality, and it just started! I can't wait for the adventure...and the inspiration!