Wednesday, October 31, 2012


There is something about bare walls in your home that just makes you feel naked. Anyone who has seen the price of art knows - it might make you want to keep your walls in the buff. I have an idea that may help set the tone for your room by adding personality, like a drag queen in a department store. I call it insta-art.

Supplies Needed:
- Picture frames - any size you wish
- Matt board (some picture frames come with matt boards in them)
- Scissors
- An old book or two
- Tape

The fun part is looking through all the photos in your book of choice and trying to decide which one will look best on your bare wall.  Start by taking the matt board and placing it on the pictures you think you might like.  This helps get the general picture of what it will look like when it's in the frame.

After you have selected the perfect picture, cut it out to the right size and place it in the frame behind the matt.

Tape the picture to the matt to secure it so your pictures don't slide around.

Put the back on the frame and there you go! Insta-Art! Now you have a whole gallery dressing every room.

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