Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" is one of our favorite movies. It's a story of a girl searching to find herself.  I love the transformation that happens to Holly Golightly and her home. One thing that I love most about her is she loves her circumstances. Yes, there wasn't much to her home - a telephone,a bed, and a cat without a name, but I love that even though she seems to not have much at all, this movie is thought of as glamorous.  Why?

Attitude...it is Holly's attitude.  Her glamour was in the little things, like, the goblet she drinks her milk out of, her vanity, her clothes, etc. I love this approach at life - that you can invest in the things you love. That these small things makes all the difference.  She was in no way rich, and believe me, neither am I.

Here is my "Breakfast at Brockman's." These are some of the small things in life that make me happy. The picture above is a mixture of items that I have collected recently.  An issue of Architectural Digest,  vintage 1940's silverware (a set of 8 for $16.00 at a local thrift antique shop), bone china tea cups (a set of 12 for $10.00 at Second Debut in Carytown, Richmond, VA), and our  crystal goblets (can you believe it a set of 10 for $5.00 at a local thrift store - Fantastic Thrift).

As I was reading an issue of House Beautiful, one designer described our style perfectly when he said, "I like to think of my life as living like Marie Antoinette in a t-shirt."

I believe these two women (Holly Golightly and Marie Antoinette) understand that the small things can make all the difference.  Crystal goblets with breakfast, and china with you PB&J. Now, most of us don't have lots of money to go spend, I understand. So what can we do?  Where can we go?  Invest in a cheap set of goblets at the dollar store.  If they break, it was a dollar - who cares?  Buy an old set of dishes you find at a yard sale that doesn't come with a full set.  If your kids break one - It doesn't matter!  I think all these little things, like chips and cracks in a plate add to the beauty and the memories you build. I like to think of them not as imperfections, but as story worth telling every Christmas and birthday. 


  1. Chris, your writing style is inimitable. I can hear your voice say "Who cares?" It's true. It is interesting how Holly Golightly is seen as being so glamorous when her life was a mess! ATTITUDE!

  2. Clearly I need a lesson in where to shop in the city. Save me from suburbia!