Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Wanding Eye

It hit me – Oh crap!  I have a wandering eye!  I didn’t dare tell Emily, but I think she has started to catch on.  I could never tell any of my close friends for the fear of judgment on their part.  So here I am, stuck with my new found relationship.  I, Christopher Brockman, tend to let my eyes rest in places that are not mine.  I find myself imagining to myself how things could be.  I’m beginning to see a change in some of my relationships with other.  As soon as go into a friend’s home, I’m met with a “Hello,” and awkward looks to make sure my eyes start to wander.  

Is it all that bad?  As soon as I enter a room my eyes start to wander, seeing a whole new room and how it could be.  With a simple glance I see the room filled with multiple options for paint, rugs, lighting, chairs, tables, and pillows.  I don’t believe there’s a commandment saying, “Thou shalt not decorate thy neighbor’s house.”  Plus, there’s nothing that would suggest I would break my vow of style.  I’m grateful I’m not the only one who has a bit of a wandering eye.

Since we have now been open for a month in Cary Town, we will be offering a free design consultation, exclusively to the readers of House of Brockman.  Email  to set up an appointment, and be sure to mention this blog post! We will discuss developing your style along with options for your space.  

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  1. So wish I was closer so that I could get some designs and sit in that amazing office...